Hi World!

I’m Maria Elena and this is my Visual Cultures course blog. In this blog space everyting will be about make-up, which is the theme I’ve chosen after having thought a lot about it. I really like make-up art and I’m fascinated by the way make-up can make you feel more confident and the way industries play in this kind of market, too.

The domain name immediately came to my mind: Make Up Your Life. You can take it as a “play of words” suggestion to make up your mind under a make-up perspective or simply as a curiosity to satisfy.

A few days after I had decided the domain name, I was surfing on the internet searching some interesting topics to propose on the blog, when I ran into the very same words I had already thought about. “Make Up Your Life – every woman’s guide to the power of make-up” written by Victoria Jackson, who has been a hollywood make-. You can give it a look and comfortably buy it on www.Amazon.com . 

“Make Up Your Life” is an interesting book in the way it assumes that make-ups can make a difference in every woman’s life. When you look better, you feel better. Mrs Jackson tell you how to achieve the look you want in just two, five or ten minutes. An useful how-to book, that tells us something more than “how to get a perfect make-up in five minutes”: at the same time it suggests something about self-confidence, too.

Another aspect of the topic tells us that cosmetics industries exploit the need of everybody’s self-confidence building putting several products on the market. Not every single product is really useful, some of them are even superfluous. We are all asked to be perfect and sometimes a “perfection request” necessarily goes through a perfect make-up. And cosmetics industries perfectly exploit this particular kind of request. Obviously some industries manage more perfectly.

All these issues are pretty good starting points, I think.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


~ by makeupyourlife on March 11, 2010.

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