Mascara, an ancient need.

Every woman should not forget to put a little mascara on her eyelashes, before going outside. Mascara is one of the most and important element to the makeup of a woman.

It consists of a colored fluid, whose tone usually vary from black to brown or blue, which applies a thin and long comb on eyelashes. There are different kinds of mascara on the market. Everything depends on the effect you want to achieve with its application: you can get extended and stretched eyelashes or even hunched and voluminous eyelashes, if you wish. 

Its prevalence is mainly due to the fact that eyelashes appearance plays a fundamental role in a look appeal, that is enhanced, made deeper or even less striking, ultimately giving more or less emphasis to the whole face, depending on the quantity of product you think is better to use.

But…when was mascara actually born?

In italian you can say “rimmel” or “mascara” as well. The word “mascara” literally derives from “mask” (“maschera” in italian). The modern mascara was invented in 1913 by a chemist, T.L. Williams, who manufactured it for his sister Mabel. This mascara prototype was made of coal dust and Vaselline jelly state put together. This prototype was made at the time of mascara from coal dust and Vaseline jelly state. The result that was obtained by spreading the mixture between the eyebrows was absolutely revolutionary, so much so that Williams, considering the potential and the success of his experiment, began to sell the product, at first house to house and after some time he founded a company, which was called Maybelline (made up of Mabel and Vaseline) and started selling in stores and by correspondence. At that time mascara was shown up in attractive packs as we are used to see it in stores:  it was simply featured by a bread shape and it was composed of dyes and wax carob as well.

Its application should be performed on the eye switching the product for the entire length of lashes. Mascara applied to the upper lashes makes the eye very deep, while the application in the lower eyelids makes it wider. You may have unpleasant allergic reactions.  Experience shows that the highest risk of tears and swelling are due to small and almost invisible scars that the toothbrush can cause on the ocular surface, while the possibility that the product will cause allergies is primarily related to its composition.

At its base, in fact, there are inorganic pigments such as iron oxide, titanium dioxide, waxes, talc and derivatives, PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone). The dark color, however, has heavy metals, often nickel, which can reach very high levels , over 100 ppm, while the emulsion contains a good percentage of water, a fact that exposes the cosmetic to the risk of contamination. Some companies also add mucilage or synthetic hydrocolloids and water-repellent as silicon, to increase its durability. And remember that mascara contains perfume in most cases.

To avoid unpleasant surprises on the eye appearance, the first rule should be to choose the right products for our needs in the form hypoallergenic, that causes less discomfort. Mineral makeup (see the previous post, if you want to get more info about that) could be an excellent expedient to solve this kind of little problems.

Now let’s see how to correctly apply mascara in order to get fabulous eyes!

  • Choose the right kind of mascara: with so many different types of mascara, it’s important to pick the one that suits each occasion best. I’d recommend lightening mascara for the day time and curling/thickening mascara for your nights out! By clicking on the following link you can easily get acquainted with the five best mascaras available in the market at the very moment:

  • Pick your colour carefully: if you have red or blond eyelashes, choose light brown for a casual look and dark brown for night-time. If you have dark eyelashes, use dark brown or black in the day and more black for the night drama.

  • Curl your eyelashes: after you have applied all of your other eye makeup, then curl your eyelashes slightly. padded eyelash curlers are probably better than the metal ones, which unfortunately seem only to bend your eyelashes. one of the best eyelashes curlers available is definitely Shu Uemura by Sephora. It is officially the creme de la creme of curlers.  As for the price (19 $ – Sephora stores), it is a tad high, but this eyelash curler is perfect and it will last you years, so I’d consider it a very wise investment even at these dark times.

  • Be careful with pulling out the wand: pull out the wand in one motion, as pumping introduces air to the tube and this can lead to drying out. It can also allow bacteria to enter. Make sure both the wand and the edge of the tube are clean, too, or you won’t get a smooth application.
  • Apply to upper eyelashes: place the wand on the underside of your upper eyelashes. Slowly move it upwards towards the tip in zigzag motions. Use the wand at an angle to add more curl and definition, and be careful not to blink for a few seconds until it is dry.  Apply a second coat for more drama.
  • Apply to lower eyelashes: use a lot less mascara and start at the lower eyelid. Slowly pull down to colour the lower eyelashes.
  • Remove stray mascara: use a cotton bud to remove any mascara around the eye. You can re-curl and reapply if you think that this is necessary.

Now you’re ready for your busy day time or for your unforgettable night out as well!


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