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Today I want to inform you about the existence of many magazines based on make-up issue. In particulary I’d like to suggest you two of them: “Make-Up Artist Magazine” and “Onmakeup Magazine”.

I’d like to focus on them because they represent two different sides of the same product potentially. Both of them are really well done, you can read and learn a lot of interesting things about the world of makeup.

“Make-Up Artist Magazine”  is read in 50 countries around the world and was created in 1996 by Emmy Award Winning make-up artist Michael Key.

“Make-Up Artist Magazine” is a specialized magazine regarding make-up in all its shapes. It is mainly addressed to make-up specialists and to all those people, who are very fond of make-up as well. Many issues are focused on cinema make-up art, taking inspirations from the most recent films and interviewing the best make-up artists, whose job is transforming actors and actresses to adapt them to the character they are going to perform on the screen. Sometimes they create real characters through make-up accurate devices.

You can take a look at if you want to get further information about it!

On the other hand “Onmakeup Magazine” was created by Michael De Vellis and it is addressed to aspiring make-up artists, people already in the business and people who just love fashion and beauty.

“Explore art. 
Experience something creatively exciting. Be influenced by talent around you.  Write, sing, paint, sculpt, take a picture. Reflect on your own creativity

Find inspiration in the work of others. Stretch your limits. Exercise your craft. 
Celebrate the art of makeup- like you mean it.”
Michael DeVellis
But let’s read what “Onmakeup Magazine” says about itself in its own words:
On Makeup Magazine is the first-ever magazine dedicated to the craft of the professional makeup artist and based in the beauty capital of the world- New York City!
Published by makeup artist resource and event producers The Powder Group, this distinctive pro-driven, consumer-friendly industry publication will celebrate the art of makeup like no other has before it.

On Makeup Magazine will focus on three things- makeup, makeup artists and makeup artistry- in all their forms.  Every makeup artist, beauty industry professional, pro-aware product line, and makeup lover alike will find something for them in this editorially unique new quarterly.

Each issue will provide readers with an insider’s look at the people, products, events, friends, techniques and inspiration that make the makeup industry one of the most exciting in the world.  Readers can count on each issue providing the widest array of makeup-focused content anywhere.

Welcome to a point of view that encourages both professionals and consumers to open their minds to new ways of thinking about the art of makeup. Welcome to the new global makeup community.

For those that are interested in beauty, “Onmakeup magazine” provides you with the best of the best.  You should definitely check out this magazine.

The magazine is available twice a year as Spring and Fall Issues.  You can buy the issues individually or in 2 year subscriptions  (Totaling 4 issues).  Here you can subscript in order to get “Onmakeup Magazine”:



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