Our own Make-Up. What? Why? How?

Everyday we want to show ourselves to others in the best way we know. We have the interior necessity of being almost perfect, even if there are different ways to be perfect 😉 I mean, some days we don’t go outside if we have a pair of panda-shadows under the eyes. Everyone would be the best she could be. And if you pay attention to your appearance, things will be sometimes easier. You’ll feel more self-confident. Your self-carefulness is a clear message you want to convey to everybody you meet. Surely the more you feel good, the more you’ll be pleasant with others. Being pleasant-looking sometimes helps in this way. Make-up is a little step in building your personal appearance self-confidence. 

Most girls of this century can’t live without a little make-up on their face. I find interesting discovering something more about today’s girls’ relationship with beauty and with make-up especially. That’s why I asked some friends of mine to tell me something about their make-up’s perception and why they use make-up everyday, even if in different manners.

Here are the interviews.

 Smeralda, 21 years old.

“I usually put some make-up on me to look like more charming. I like my shape more, if I help my appearance with some make-up, which is not always the same obviously. I differentiate the make-up according to seasons as well: for example I put a light foundation (like Max Factor Mineral) on my face in the winter, on the contrary I don’t apply any make-up at all in the summer. Besides this I always use a little black faded eyeliner pencil and some eye-shadow as well. I never dedicate more than 10 minutes putting make-up on me, even if sometimes it depends on the particular occasion I’m getting ready for. In general I use hell colours for the daytime and dark ones for the evening in nightclubs, even if eye-shadow’s colours are never too heavily dark. Thanks to make-up I feel more confident with myself and I feel like being more in order. When I think about make-up, I think about elegance above all. ”


Carolina, 21 years old.

“I like putting make-up on my face. When I was a little child I used to look at my mother or my cousins putting make-up on theirselevs and I’ve become more and more fascinated since those very early moments. It’s like a drawing on your face, you’ve got the chance to design your appearance. As a result you’ll cover all the imperfections on your skin! In general the way in which I put make-up on my face doesn’t change a lot regarding different occasions, because the way I look like the best I ever could be is simply one, while the occasions are usualy more than one. Foundation, black eyeliner-pencil, a little colour-play with eye-shadow and black mascara as last thing. On evenings I try to enhance mascara’s quantity to make my eyelashes like being more stretched-out and I play with eye-shadows dark colours in a more strong way, too. Everytime I dedicate 10-15 minutes to make-up, even if it all depends on the occasion. If I have plenty of time I pay more attention not smearing the black pencil. In the morning I usually dont’have much time, therefore I put make-up on me in a very mechanical way, thinking it’s probably a miracle if I can even centre the eye! Make-up evokes me several colour shades among which you can have fun trying different original colour mixes. In my opionion make-up is a way to play in order to be different, even if I don’t change make-up for myself.  If I go outside with a little make-up on my face, I feel like being more in order.”


Valeria, 24 years old.

“I love putting some makeup on my face, because I seem to me as if I was  bit “unmade”, if I don’t do it! I usually do a very simple makeup and always the same as well: I make a black line above the eye, then I make it more vanished with the finger and I complete the eye with some black mascara. Then I put a little phard on the cheecks to make them less pale. And a red lipstick to complete the work. If I am going out in the evening I also make a black line under the eye, to make it deeper. I always use the same products because I think they’re really good and I’ve never found any other products, which could be better. I dedicate just five quick minutes to my makeup in the morning, just a little bit more in the evening. When I think to make up, I get immediately fascinated by top models and their super sparkling eyeshadows: I imagine a cover world made up of perfection and many bright colours. When I put a little makeup at least, I feel more fit to be seen, presentable.”


Giulia, 22 years old.

“I always put some makeup on my face, becuase I think it’s an important element, which helps you being at the best when you go outside. You always meet someone, I like being in order when it happens. But I realize I just use makeup for myself as well. I love making my face better thanks to cosmetics. I always use a lot of black mascara, some black eye pencil above and under the eye as well and some eyeshadow. In particular I differentiate the eyeshadow’s tone according to the particular occasion I’m preparing for. I use dark tones for the nigh and hell ones for the day. Some days I even don’t put any eyeshadow at all, especially during summer, when I get tanned and I don’t have to hide paleness with foundation or phard. Then I usually apply a little lip-gloss to make my lips more bright and charming as well. Cosmetics and makeup evoke me elegance and perfection above all. I can’t really tell makeup apart from going out! 🙂 I always use the same products, even if I like daring with eyeshadows’ colours and lip-glosses. On the contrary the basic elements, like the pencil, the foundation and the mascara, always remain belonging to the same labels (Max Factor, L’Oreal, Rubenstein, Pupa, Maybelline are the main ones). Evrytime I dedicate 15 minutes to makeup at least. I am slow putting makeup on my face, but I could never go out without it! I feel more fascinating if I know I am taking care of my appearance.”

Linda, 20 years old.


“I usually put some makeup on my face to make my appearance more beautiful, to focus people’s attention on my eyes and even to hide some bad mornings’ eye sockets as well 😉 I only use a little black eye pencil inside the lower eyelid to underline the eye, if I have to go to university’s lessons simply. On the contrary, when I have more time available or when I’m going to a party, I use more black eye pencil above the eye, a little phard and eyeshadow, too. I usually make the blue eyeshadow vanished on the eyelid. I make dark blu towards the corner of the eye and  I make it more and more vanished in tones to put hell blue, almost white, towards the opposite side of the corner. I have blue eyes, that’s why I often use that eyeshadow’s colour. Sometimes I use hell pink-white if I am wearing beige or brown clothes. In this way, I try to match colours between them. By the way I often don’t put any makeup at all, except for a little pencil inside the eyelid: I don’t have much time and I often go out “natural”. I wear eyeglasses and sometimes I think they could hide the makeup as well. I am definitely not a “lipstick, phard and black pencil in the bag” girl! 😉 Makeup evokes me sensuality, attraction and willingness to feel beautiful. If I put some makeup on me, I unconsciously feel more beautiful…maybe I should use makeup more often! 😉 I usually put some lip-gloss as well: it’s quick and easy to use!”


Vittoria, 22 years old.

“I really like putting some makeup on me. Men often say that “natural woman” is definitely the best. But they don’t know that there’s nothing “natural” about it 😉 Women need much time to get “natural”: it’s all a work of mineral foundation, brown eye-liner, waterproof mascara and special bright lip-gloss with a naked effect. When I’m going to university I use a sort of standard makeup. That means mascara, black eye pencil, lip-gloss and a little foundation in order to hide the skin imperfections or just little pimples coming out during the night unfortunately! For other occasions I pay more attention to my makeup: at the beginning I apply some foundation in order to make the makeup’s basis. Then I put the eyeshadows according to what I’m going to wear and a little lip-gloss. When I feel like daring I put very little makeup on the eyes on order to get allowed to apply a strong red lipstick to underline the lips. Everyday I dedicate from five minutes to fifteen minutes maximum to my makeup. Makeup istinctively evokes me powder’s smell, colours and high prices for good products. By the way the kind of makeup I apply strongly depends on the different situations I’m getting involved in.”

Silvia, 21 years old.

“I like makeup mainly because I can enhance my eyes and my lips in this way and it’s possible to hide the skin’s imperfections as well. I usually employ the same products always. I prefer a simple kind of makeup, which could be easy to apply and suitable for every occasion. I use foundation and phard to make my complexion as if it was less pale. Then some black eye pencil to make the eye’s corner more extended, black mascara and a touch of red lipstick in order to make everything more charming: this last one is never missing! Sometimes I use coloured pencils for the eyes and I try to match makeup with clothes as well. Everyday I dedicate no more than ten minutes to makeup. Makeup evokes me elegance, big and deep eyes and sexy red lips mainly. I love makeup, because it makes me feel more beautiful, more charming, more glamour. I always use the same kind of makeup, except for the late evening/night, when I use darker tones vanished on the whole eyelid, not only the eye-liner.”

Elisabetta, 21 years old.

“I put some makeup on my face to make me feel more presentable and, sometimes, in order to underline my eyes as well. I have a very simple makeup, I don’t like trying new colour mixtures, because I found the right one after so many bad young attempts 😉 I always use black eye pencil, eyeshadow, mascara and foundation/phard. Makeup takes me ten minutes everyday at least. When I think about makeup, I think about “getting beautiful”,  the very ritual of  “getting ready”, too. Makeup is very important for me: it’s become a very necessity for last years. I even couldn’t go outside without some makeup on the face! I differentiate the makeup and the colours according to the particular occasion, which I’m getting ready for.”

Silvia, 21 years old.

“I don’t like makeup very much. I mean, I can’t feel natural with some makeup on me. Besides this I always feel as if time’s lacking and therefore I have no time for makeup before going outside! Despite this, sometimes I put some makeup on my face in order to get presentable. I always get up as if I was a sailor, who fought a terrible storm during the night, that’s mainly why in those very moments I seriously need makeup. The problem is not the makeup itself, it’s just me. 🙂 I have a sort of standard makeup to make things easier during those very terrible mornings, when I can’t realize it’s the very me reflected in the bathroom’s mirror and not a new monster 😉 I just put a lot of mascara and a little foundation, when my skin tells me it absolutely need it in order to hide the last pimple coming out or something like that. If I have a few minutes available, I also apply a little vanished ayeshadow on the eyelid. Everyday I dedicate no more than forty-fifty seconds to makeup. Makeup immediately evokes me those magazines’ glossy covers, which you can easily find by your hairdresser’s studio. Covers, appearance, brightness, colours, even superficiality in some cases. I could comfortably live without makeup. Actually I do live without it and I don’t need its necessity, except for the “special cases” explained above. My way of applying makeup is such basic that it is suitable for every occasion. I try to differentiate makeup only in some rare “wordly evenings”.”


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