Michela Boniardi’s job experience

A few posts ago I spoke about make-up artists’ magazines. This time I’d like to tell something more about the very job. How to became a good make-up artist? What are the right suggestions to follow?

Last week I went to corso di Porta Ticinese’s Killah store with my friend Linda and I personally interviewed a real make-up artist, who was there to give people useful suggestions about the manner which they should follow to enhance their face through make-up. Which better occasion to catch all the secrets about it?

The make-up artist’s name is Michela Boniardi. This is her own site, even if it is still under construction: http://www.michelaboniardi.com/

I asked her some questions, while my friend Linda took advantage of the special occasion by allowing her putting some make-up on her face. 😉

Here is the very interview. Let’s get it started, while Linda is ready to approach to makeup…

– How rose the idea of becoming a professional make-up artist?

I’ve always been fascinated by beauty and in particular everything about cosmetics stimulated my curiosity more and more often during the high school years. I approached this particular world step by step, in a very natural way, getting aware of different products in a very long period. At the time I just liked beauty but I didn’t realized I could have built my whole professional career on it yet. I just like it, you know. Besides this I dod not have many questions about my next future.

 – What kind of professional schools did you attend to became a make-up artist?

Well… It’s curious, because my high school had just nothing in common with being a make-up artist. I attended a chemical surveyor high school, which had really nothing in common with beauty and cosmetics. I’ve just been hating it for all the five years! Once graduated I thought about which job career could I get involved in. I looked into my future and I couldn’t get something clear to follow. Then I found out a specialization school in Milan, the Beauty Center of Milan (BCM), which is a beauty professional education school. I think it’s one of the best available in Italy. I attended a course mainly centered on make-up and manicure, which is more and more often matched with make-up.


 – Once gradutaed at the BCM what has been you first experiences in the job market?

I first had some experience training as an assistant in a chemist’s shop, where cosmetics products are available but they’re not so many actually. I went on training like this for a couple of years, then I started setting me as free lance make-up artist. Everyone need a make-up artist, you know. I started making many bride photo sets and that was my very turning point. By the chemist’s I dodn’t earn much money, on the contrary photo sets gave me the oppotunity to specialize on a focalized customer target and consequently I started to earn more money as well.

 – What subjects did you particularly study at BCM?

I strated studying many basic subjects like for example chromatic matching and face design. There were differents courses at the BCM. I chose corrective make-up and photographic make-up to start. Then I also attended more specialized courses, like for example chromatic and semi-permanent make-up and a lttle of airbrush and body art, too. I immediately learned how to treat face’s features in order to make them better. For example if you have a circle face I’ll have to apply some foundation and mascara from the external side to the internal one to make it seeming more slim and less looking like a very circle. That’s only an example, but we can actually re-design our own face with make-up suggestions as well. You have to be aware of different shapes in order to make them more looking like something else. It’s all a colours’ and lines’ work, you know. If you get involved in it, you can’t do without it then! It’s a necessity and you can’t help it.

 – Which are the colours and the textures you like the most?

In my makeups there’s always a black eye sorrouding, which can often be enlarged to cover the whole eyelid. I think black is really a basic colour, which can give deepness and brightness to the eye. It is never out of fashion and it is useful even if there is a very small eye. It’s like a red lipstick, which is never out of fashion as well. A red lipstick is a little bit more demanding to wear, even if it always makes a feminine just a woman. It always gives sensuality and femininity. Surely you have to pay attention to match very black eyes with strong red lips.

 – How do you see the makeup artists’ job market? What are the main developments going on?

I think that everyone need a make-up artist. We usually think that makeup artists are only for celebrities or VIPs, you know. That’s definitely not true. In the very manner we can’t do without makeup, we need a makeup artist. And it doesn’t matter if we are used to put some make up on us by ourselves. In that case we are our personal make-up artists. We can’t go outside without mascara at least. I don’t really understand those people who go outside with only a little eyeshadow wothout even mascara. It’s just horrible, not possible! You have to pay attention to your appearance, some makeup falures are simply incredible to see! By the way, makeup art’s job market is in a continous development and there’s place for everybody. And needing a makeup artist even if you are not a celebrity from Hollywood, that’s actually why there’s place for everybody! The job market is stretching out and new positions are opening little by little. Working as a makeup artist or as a makeup consultant in a chemis’s shop was unbelievable up to a few years ago: now it’s simply one of the many possible positions available. Evrything needs appearance, everybody can be made better by some useful suggestions, you have only to understand where is the starting point, you know.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us!

…and special thanks to Linda as well, who was the “victim” chosen in order to allow me to ask some question to Michela. 🙂


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