Our own Make-Up. What? Why? How?

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Everyday we want to show ourselves to others in the best way we know. We have the interior necessity of being almost perfect, even if there are different ways to be perfect 😉 I mean, some days we don’t go outside if we have a pair of panda-shadows under the eyes. Everyone would be the best she could be. And if you pay attention to your appearance, things will be sometimes easier. You’ll feel more self-confident. Your self-carefulness is a clear message you want to convey to everybody you meet. Surely the more you feel good, the more you’ll be pleasant with others. Being pleasant-looking sometimes helps in this way. Make-up is a little step in building your personal appearance self-confidence. 

Most girls of this century can’t live without a little make-up on their face. I find interesting discovering something more about today’s girls’ relationship with beauty and with make-up especially. That’s why I asked some friends of mine to tell me something about their make-up’s perception and why they use make-up everyday, even if in different manners.

Here are the interviews.

 Smeralda, 21 years old.

“I usually put some make-up on me to look like more charming. I like my shape more, if I help my appearance with some make-up, which is not always the same obviously. I differentiate the make-up according to seasons as well: for example I put a light foundation (like Max Factor Mineral) on my face in the winter, on the contrary I don’t apply any make-up at all in the summer. Besides this I always use a little black faded eyeliner pencil and some eye-shadow as well. I never dedicate more than 10 minutes putting make-up on me, even if sometimes it depends on the particular occasion I’m getting ready for. In general I use hell colours for the daytime and dark ones for the evening in nightclubs, even if eye-shadow’s colours are never too heavily dark. Thanks to make-up I feel more confident with myself and I feel like being more in order. When I think about make-up, I think about elegance above all. ”


Carolina, 21 years old.

“I like putting make-up on my face. When I was a little child I used to look at my mother or my cousins putting make-up on theirselevs and I’ve become more and more fascinated since those very early moments. It’s like a drawing on your face, you’ve got the chance to design your appearance. As a result you’ll cover all the imperfections on your skin! In general the way in which I put make-up on my face doesn’t change a lot regarding different occasions, because the way I look like the best I ever could be is simply one, while the occasions are usualy more than one. Foundation, black eyeliner-pencil, a little colour-play with eye-shadow and black mascara as last thing. On evenings I try to enhance mascara’s quantity to make my eyelashes like being more stretched-out and I play with eye-shadows dark colours in a more strong way, too. Everytime I dedicate 10-15 minutes to make-up, even if it all depends on the occasion. If I have plenty of time I pay more attention not smearing the black pencil. In the morning I usually dont’have much time, therefore I put make-up on me in a very mechanical way, thinking it’s probably a miracle if I can even centre the eye! Make-up evokes me several colour shades among which you can have fun trying different original colour mixes. In my opionion make-up is a way to play in order to be different, even if I don’t change make-up for myself.  If I go outside with a little make-up on my face, I feel like being more in order.”


Valeria, 24 years old.

“I love putting some makeup on my face, because I seem to me as if I was  bit “unmade”, if I don’t do it! I usually do a very simple makeup and always the same as well: I make a black line above the eye, then I make it more vanished with the finger and I complete the eye with some black mascara. Then I put a little phard on the cheecks to make them less pale. And a red lipstick to complete the work. If I am going out in the evening I also make a black line under the eye, to make it deeper. I always use the same products because I think they’re really good and I’ve never found any other products, which could be better. I dedicate just five quick minutes to my makeup in the morning, just a little bit more in the evening. When I think to make up, I get immediately fascinated by top models and their super sparkling eyeshadows: I imagine a cover world made up of perfection and many bright colours. When I put a little makeup at least, I feel more fit to be seen, presentable.”


Giulia, 22 years old.

“I always put some makeup on my face, becuase I think it’s an important element, which helps you being at the best when you go outside. You always meet someone, I like being in order when it happens. But I realize I just use makeup for myself as well. I love making my face better thanks to cosmetics. I always use a lot of black mascara, some black eye pencil above and under the eye as well and some eyeshadow. In particular I differentiate the eyeshadow’s tone according to the particular occasion I’m preparing for. I use dark tones for the nigh and hell ones for the day. Some days I even don’t put any eyeshadow at all, especially during summer, when I get tanned and I don’t have to hide paleness with foundation or phard. Then I usually apply a little lip-gloss to make my lips more bright and charming as well. Cosmetics and makeup evoke me elegance and perfection above all. I can’t really tell makeup apart from going out! 🙂 I always use the same products, even if I like daring with eyeshadows’ colours and lip-glosses. On the contrary the basic elements, like the pencil, the foundation and the mascara, always remain belonging to the same labels (Max Factor, L’Oreal, Rubenstein, Pupa, Maybelline are the main ones). Evrytime I dedicate 15 minutes to makeup at least. I am slow putting makeup on my face, but I could never go out without it! I feel more fascinating if I know I am taking care of my appearance.”

Linda, 20 years old.


“I usually put some makeup on my face to make my appearance more beautiful, to focus people’s attention on my eyes and even to hide some bad mornings’ eye sockets as well 😉 I only use a little black eye pencil inside the lower eyelid to underline the eye, if I have to go to university’s lessons simply. On the contrary, when I have more time available or when I’m going to a party, I use more black eye pencil above the eye, a little phard and eyeshadow, too. I usually make the blue eyeshadow vanished on the eyelid. I make dark blu towards the corner of the eye and  I make it more and more vanished in tones to put hell blue, almost white, towards the opposite side of the corner. I have blue eyes, that’s why I often use that eyeshadow’s colour. Sometimes I use hell pink-white if I am wearing beige or brown clothes. In this way, I try to match colours between them. By the way I often don’t put any makeup at all, except for a little pencil inside the eyelid: I don’t have much time and I often go out “natural”. I wear eyeglasses and sometimes I think they could hide the makeup as well. I am definitely not a “lipstick, phard and black pencil in the bag” girl! 😉 Makeup evokes me sensuality, attraction and willingness to feel beautiful. If I put some makeup on me, I unconsciously feel more beautiful…maybe I should use makeup more often! 😉 I usually put some lip-gloss as well: it’s quick and easy to use!”


Vittoria, 22 years old.

“I really like putting some makeup on me. Men often say that “natural woman” is definitely the best. But they don’t know that there’s nothing “natural” about it 😉 Women need much time to get “natural”: it’s all a work of mineral foundation, brown eye-liner, waterproof mascara and special bright lip-gloss with a naked effect. When I’m going to university I use a sort of standard makeup. That means mascara, black eye pencil, lip-gloss and a little foundation in order to hide the skin imperfections or just little pimples coming out during the night unfortunately! For other occasions I pay more attention to my makeup: at the beginning I apply some foundation in order to make the makeup’s basis. Then I put the eyeshadows according to what I’m going to wear and a little lip-gloss. When I feel like daring I put very little makeup on the eyes on order to get allowed to apply a strong red lipstick to underline the lips. Everyday I dedicate from five minutes to fifteen minutes maximum to my makeup. Makeup istinctively evokes me powder’s smell, colours and high prices for good products. By the way the kind of makeup I apply strongly depends on the different situations I’m getting involved in.”

Silvia, 21 years old.

“I like makeup mainly because I can enhance my eyes and my lips in this way and it’s possible to hide the skin’s imperfections as well. I usually employ the same products always. I prefer a simple kind of makeup, which could be easy to apply and suitable for every occasion. I use foundation and phard to make my complexion as if it was less pale. Then some black eye pencil to make the eye’s corner more extended, black mascara and a touch of red lipstick in order to make everything more charming: this last one is never missing! Sometimes I use coloured pencils for the eyes and I try to match makeup with clothes as well. Everyday I dedicate no more than ten minutes to makeup. Makeup evokes me elegance, big and deep eyes and sexy red lips mainly. I love makeup, because it makes me feel more beautiful, more charming, more glamour. I always use the same kind of makeup, except for the late evening/night, when I use darker tones vanished on the whole eyelid, not only the eye-liner.”

Elisabetta, 21 years old.

“I put some makeup on my face to make me feel more presentable and, sometimes, in order to underline my eyes as well. I have a very simple makeup, I don’t like trying new colour mixtures, because I found the right one after so many bad young attempts 😉 I always use black eye pencil, eyeshadow, mascara and foundation/phard. Makeup takes me ten minutes everyday at least. When I think about makeup, I think about “getting beautiful”,  the very ritual of  “getting ready”, too. Makeup is very important for me: it’s become a very necessity for last years. I even couldn’t go outside without some makeup on the face! I differentiate the makeup and the colours according to the particular occasion, which I’m getting ready for.”

Silvia, 21 years old.

“I don’t like makeup very much. I mean, I can’t feel natural with some makeup on me. Besides this I always feel as if time’s lacking and therefore I have no time for makeup before going outside! Despite this, sometimes I put some makeup on my face in order to get presentable. I always get up as if I was a sailor, who fought a terrible storm during the night, that’s mainly why in those very moments I seriously need makeup. The problem is not the makeup itself, it’s just me. 🙂 I have a sort of standard makeup to make things easier during those very terrible mornings, when I can’t realize it’s the very me reflected in the bathroom’s mirror and not a new monster 😉 I just put a lot of mascara and a little foundation, when my skin tells me it absolutely need it in order to hide the last pimple coming out or something like that. If I have a few minutes available, I also apply a little vanished ayeshadow on the eyelid. Everyday I dedicate no more than forty-fifty seconds to makeup. Makeup immediately evokes me those magazines’ glossy covers, which you can easily find by your hairdresser’s studio. Covers, appearance, brightness, colours, even superficiality in some cases. I could comfortably live without makeup. Actually I do live without it and I don’t need its necessity, except for the “special cases” explained above. My way of applying makeup is such basic that it is suitable for every occasion. I try to differentiate makeup only in some rare “wordly evenings”.”


How to keep up with success.

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This time I want to focus on the strategies employed by big cosmetics industries to face the current economical crisis. How to keep up with success? What are the right business strategies to highlight? What development plans do managing directors suggest to make their industries successful again?

I think it is important to understand how make-up products reach us, in the way they are assumed to be marketed on large-scale. When something is addressed to thousands potential consumers, marketing strategies become a necessary priority. In the very moment there are thousands of similar products available in the market, you have to convince people your products are simply the best. How?

This time again I’ll focus my example on Sephora chain. I had suspected for a long time Sephora was one of the most interesting developing industries in the make-up field. A few hours ago I realized it was actually true. Surfing on the Internet I found out a very illuminating interview to the managing director of Sephora Italia, Roberto Forcherio. The full interview (in italian) is available on the “Sole24Ore” web-site, if you wish: http://www.gdoweek.it/articoli/0,1254,44_ART_997,00.html.

Even if it is not very recent, I think it is interesting because it speaks about 2009 Sephora’s main goals. In 2010, after a year and a half from the following interview, it is possible to observe if they actually took full existence or not.

December 17, 2008

The real atout of Sephora is made up of a non-segmentation of its customers. As if it was Disney, Sephora addresses to everyone, men and women, who simply take care of their body and their appearance. Getting over age, incomes and social status Sephora reaches potentially everyone, provided that an attention to self-appearance actually exist. In this way, I would become like Sephora France, which I’d like to approach in the matter of shops’ dimension, market share, more beguiling product assortments and sales, both overall and single shop ones. It is an issue concerning mentality and culture as well. And french people usually defeat us in this particular field.

Then he speaks about Sephora’s hopeful goals for 2009:

2009 is going to be a busy and complicated year, because double scissors are going to express. From one side there is going to be a remarkable decrease in all customer belts’ consumes, even in the most well-heeled ones. On the other side there is going to be a credit freeze, even if Sephora group doesn’t have to worry about that, because we are endowed with a considerable financial solidity, which allows us to look to the next future with more optimism.

Also for the next year Sephora is going to focus on the three same words: innovativity, esclusivity and novelty. Concerning the format we are continuing in finding solutions, which could offer more clareness in tracks, in visual merchandising and in reading-shelf among thousands of referencies. Our concept fully shows consistency with a freedom-oriented customer, which wants free access and possibility to determine whether ask for assistance or not. No substancial modifies then, but we want to refine some aspects through some focused intervents. We are putting some black crystal wall-affixed shelfs in order to make the atmosphere more elegant. Besides that we are also focusing on a process of lighting optimization under an energetical saving key. They are all possible solutions we are already testing in some of our flagships, like Singapore, Paris and Rome as well.

As an international cosmetics chain, we have to smell the emerging trends in the market. By this moment the key-word is naturality above all, accompanied with a strong attention to the bio element, like the cosmetics chain signed by Stella McCartney with bio-certificated products. In the make-up segment this trend is characterized with Bare Minerals products’ line, based on very minerals. A particular attention is paid to the price/quality relationship, which is considered a fundamental pre-requisite to operate in the market.

Then he speaks about Sephora’s strategical targets:

Among Sephora’s core targets there are the girls, whose age is included between 15 and 25 years old. They are seen as our key consumers of tomorrow, who we teach the first steps about cosmetics and make-up with our brands. There is an increase in the man area, which is not worth 10% of the market yet. The common thing is the desire to get glamour products, with an accessible price and which can answer to specific necessities. It is strictly essentioal he presence of a well-prepared staff, who could convey important information about the offer present in store.

He speaks about Sephora’s fidelity cards as well.

Our fidelity card is fundamental as well. It was launched in 2006 and already with 500 000 holders. We don’t offer only economical advantages, but information about products and events as well, like for example special store closings in order to permit our card holders to do a dedicated shopping or try a product in preview. We are not a city spa and we don’t want to become one as well. We are an innovative make-up chain, with a broad product and service offer, whose key- word is quick. Every session dedicated to make-up, manicure or eyebrows lasts only 15 min (maximum 30 min) and a previous appointment is not required: everything is played around impulse acting. Our main aim is to spread beauty: this is the purpose we want to keep pursuiting.




Sephora’s history behind the brand

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Sephora is a chain of cosmetics stores founded in France in 1969 and acquired by Paris-based conglomerate LVMH in 1997. The Sephora chain includes more than 750 stores in 21 countries. It carries over 250 brands of items that include makeup, skin care, fragrance, bath, hair products, hair tools, and beauty accessories, including Sephora’s own private label.

The story in a few words:

Dominique Mandonnaud opened the first Sephora store in Limoges in 1979. Thanks to her new conception of the store, an innovative conception based on the possibility of looking,  touching and discovering for the client, customers are allowed to compare different products to feel the different sensations they arouse. The new concept of store is really seducing and in 1979 Mandonnaud opened 10 new selling stores with “Shop8” sign. In 1988 one store was opened even in Paris. In 1993 the 11 perfumeries “Shop8”, already present in the country, added to the 38 Sephora stores, managed by the british society “Boots” opened in France by that moment. To open the dream’s and the luxury’s doors to everyone; a dream called “Mille et un Perfume” located in Bellè-Epin, a luxurious, chic and sober dream. Sephora brand imposed successful in 1994. Symbol of cheerfulness, freedom and elegance, Sephora is also the name of Moses’s second wifein the biblical tradition: a young and beautiful woman, who was clever, brave, generous and free as well. These attributes were highly aligned to the values of freedom, creativity and modernity spread by all Sephora stores. 

1996: Sephora opened the biggest perfumery in the world. In Paris, on Champs-Elyseès, 1300 mq, opened 7 days per week until midnight.

1997: Sephora, as told at the beggining of this post, was included by LVMH group and it included Marie-Jeanne Godard sign.

1998: Sephora inaugurated the international business development plan in New York, in Soho: 450 mq open-space, 12.000 references.

1999: Sephora landed on Internet and began selling on-line on the site www.Sephora.com, available in the USA.

2000: Sephora received the prestigous Retailing Innovator of the Year award.

2009: Sephora’s success keeps on spreading all over the world, with 560 stores in Europa, 226 of which located in France, 216 in North America, 110 in Italy. Sephora is the most innovative beauty chain in the world.

In Milan the biggest Sephora store in Italy has recently opened. It is located in corso Vittorio Emanuele, articulated on 3 floors and 1000 mq of beauty, between art, innovation, colours and performance. You can observe the Sephora guide philosphy (“avancèr en beautè”) in this particular store as well. I went in this very store about a month ago with a friend and we immediately both noticed the particular attention given to the architectural concept of the store. Everything is really made to impress you. The design is dinamic everywhere and you can really experiment all the services proposed to the customers. Besides thousands of innovative products, you can try the Beauty Bar service and update your look. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll experiment as soon as I can for sure. The opening was celebrated with an opening party with the collaboration of Radio Dj at the beginning of March. The event was advertised as a “Beauty Sound Experience”  and several starlettes and italian actresses partecipated.

Sephora beauty stores are therefore really discovering spaces, where you usually go not only to look for unobtainable products, but also for the pleasure of a direct experimentation of the different services beauty dedicated. They are the new Beauty Bar (the same ones already previously mentionated speaking about the new Sephora store in Milan), “walk in walk out” just in 30 minutes, perfect for those people who lack time to arrange an appointment in a day SPA and dream a last minute “remise en forme”.

Sephora is a combination of “sephos”, which is Greek for “beauty” and the Greek form of Tzipporah (ציפורה), which means “bird” (female) in Hebrew, and was the name of the wife of Moses in the Book of Exodus. The Sephora logo is a flame against a black background.

Customers enjoyed choosing from more than 250 brands of cosmetic products which catered to skin care, hair care, accessories, make up, fragrance products and a host of other beauty and body care items.

The first Sephora store was opened in the year 1997 at New York. Marketing branches of this store were situated in New York City. San Francisco was the North American headquarters of this brand.

Sephora was highly appreciated by its buyers due to its policy of life-time return of products in case of customer dissatisfaction. In addition, the sampling program offered by the store for the customer to try out a variety of new cosmetic products became quite popular.

The rewards program started by the cosmetic store was named “The Sephora Beauty Insider” which offers great discounts, gift coupons and reward points. The members enjoy free sample gifts for their birthday. Every dollar spent by the customer earns the individual a reward point and a special gift was given to customers who bought products worth more than 100 dollars in total from the store.

When I went to Sephora last time, they explained me the opportunity to get a special card (White Card), which gives me 10% discount after every 5 cash passages. I don’t think it is really useful, because the discount doesn’t depend on the cash amount you totalize every time. It probably addresses to create a sort of generic fidelity in order to make your Sephora passages more and more frequent. In this way you can get aware of the new products on selling every time.

A classical Gift-Card is also available in all Sephora stores. It doesn’t represent a particularly innovative way to make the customer’s fidelity higher. Despite of this, it could be an appreciated present, if you are a Sephora-addicted.

Make-Up Mgzn

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Today I want to inform you about the existence of many magazines based on make-up issue. In particulary I’d like to suggest you two of them: “Make-Up Artist Magazine” and “Onmakeup Magazine”.

I’d like to focus on them because they represent two different sides of the same product potentially. Both of them are really well done, you can read and learn a lot of interesting things about the world of makeup.

“Make-Up Artist Magazine”  is read in 50 countries around the world and was created in 1996 by Emmy Award Winning make-up artist Michael Key.

“Make-Up Artist Magazine” is a specialized magazine regarding make-up in all its shapes. It is mainly addressed to make-up specialists and to all those people, who are very fond of make-up as well. Many issues are focused on cinema make-up art, taking inspirations from the most recent films and interviewing the best make-up artists, whose job is transforming actors and actresses to adapt them to the character they are going to perform on the screen. Sometimes they create real characters through make-up accurate devices.

You can take a look at http://makeupmag.com/issues/id/1011/ if you want to get further information about it!

On the other hand “Onmakeup Magazine” was created by Michael De Vellis and it is addressed to aspiring make-up artists, people already in the business and people who just love fashion and beauty.

“Explore art. 
Experience something creatively exciting. Be influenced by talent around you.  Write, sing, paint, sculpt, take a picture. Reflect on your own creativity

Find inspiration in the work of others. Stretch your limits. Exercise your craft. 
Celebrate the art of makeup- like you mean it.”
Michael DeVellis
But let’s read what “Onmakeup Magazine” says about itself in its own words:
On Makeup Magazine is the first-ever magazine dedicated to the craft of the professional makeup artist and based in the beauty capital of the world- New York City!
Published by makeup artist resource and event producers The Powder Group, this distinctive pro-driven, consumer-friendly industry publication will celebrate the art of makeup like no other has before it.

On Makeup Magazine will focus on three things- makeup, makeup artists and makeup artistry- in all their forms.  Every makeup artist, beauty industry professional, pro-aware product line, and makeup lover alike will find something for them in this editorially unique new quarterly.

Each issue will provide readers with an insider’s look at the people, products, events, friends, techniques and inspiration that make the makeup industry one of the most exciting in the world.  Readers can count on each issue providing the widest array of makeup-focused content anywhere.

Welcome to a point of view that encourages both professionals and consumers to open their minds to new ways of thinking about the art of makeup. Welcome to the new global makeup community.

For those that are interested in beauty, “Onmakeup magazine” provides you with the best of the best.  You should definitely check out this magazine.

The magazine is available twice a year as Spring and Fall Issues.  You can buy the issues individually or in 2 year subscriptions  (Totaling 4 issues).  Here you can subscript in order to get “Onmakeup Magazine”: http://www.thepowdergroup.com/store_omm.html


Lipstick glamour – once upon a time…

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Lip makeup entered mass production after becoming widely popular when the Lipstick was invented by Maurice Levy in 1915 a push up tube within a container essentially similar to the shape used today.
“Natural” lipgloss was also invented, which used bromo acid to create a red effect as it reacted with the wearer’s skin.

In the 1920s, shaping the mouth became an international preoccupation among women. Metal lip tracers, made in various sizes to satisfy the wishes of the wearer, were developed to ensure flawless lipstick application. Helena Rubenstein created Cupid’s Bow, a product that billed itself as a “self-shaping lipstick that forms a perfect cupid’s bow as you apply it.”
The development of the mirrored lipstick container in the 1920’s also points to the importance of shaping the lips through the application of lipstick.


               Images and Adverts of Lipstick from 1920’s:

Following the success of the Memoirs of a Geisha film, it’s easy to see how much the Japanese woman influenced western looks in the 20th century.
Trends in lip colour and lip shape developed through the 1920’s and the popularity of lip cosmetics saw the introduction of other products such as lip gloss, lip liner, and lip balm – created by the genius Max Factor for Hollywood actresses in 1930.


Lipstick Advert from 1930’s:

Throughout the 1930’s and on into the war years of the 1940’s lipstick gained popularity as a result of its use in the movie industry, and it became commonplace for women to apply makeup, or “put their face on.”
Lippy (as it is known in Britain and Ireland) hasn’t looked back since.

Images of From Life Magazine – Lipstick from 1930’s and 1940’s:

Lipstick Adverts from the 1940’s


Mascara, an ancient need.

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Every woman should not forget to put a little mascara on her eyelashes, before going outside. Mascara is one of the most and important element to the makeup of a woman.

It consists of a colored fluid, whose tone usually vary from black to brown or blue, which applies a thin and long comb on eyelashes. There are different kinds of mascara on the market. Everything depends on the effect you want to achieve with its application: you can get extended and stretched eyelashes or even hunched and voluminous eyelashes, if you wish. 

Its prevalence is mainly due to the fact that eyelashes appearance plays a fundamental role in a look appeal, that is enhanced, made deeper or even less striking, ultimately giving more or less emphasis to the whole face, depending on the quantity of product you think is better to use.

But…when was mascara actually born?

In italian you can say “rimmel” or “mascara” as well. The word “mascara” literally derives from “mask” (“maschera” in italian). The modern mascara was invented in 1913 by a chemist, T.L. Williams, who manufactured it for his sister Mabel. This mascara prototype was made of coal dust and Vaselline jelly state put together. This prototype was made at the time of mascara from coal dust and Vaseline jelly state. The result that was obtained by spreading the mixture between the eyebrows was absolutely revolutionary, so much so that Williams, considering the potential and the success of his experiment, began to sell the product, at first house to house and after some time he founded a company, which was called Maybelline (made up of Mabel and Vaseline) and started selling in stores and by correspondence. At that time mascara was shown up in attractive packs as we are used to see it in stores:  it was simply featured by a bread shape and it was composed of dyes and wax carob as well.

Its application should be performed on the eye switching the product for the entire length of lashes. Mascara applied to the upper lashes makes the eye very deep, while the application in the lower eyelids makes it wider. You may have unpleasant allergic reactions.  Experience shows that the highest risk of tears and swelling are due to small and almost invisible scars that the toothbrush can cause on the ocular surface, while the possibility that the product will cause allergies is primarily related to its composition.

At its base, in fact, there are inorganic pigments such as iron oxide, titanium dioxide, waxes, talc and derivatives, PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone). The dark color, however, has heavy metals, often nickel, which can reach very high levels , over 100 ppm, while the emulsion contains a good percentage of water, a fact that exposes the cosmetic to the risk of contamination. Some companies also add mucilage or synthetic hydrocolloids and water-repellent as silicon, to increase its durability. And remember that mascara contains perfume in most cases.

To avoid unpleasant surprises on the eye appearance, the first rule should be to choose the right products for our needs in the form hypoallergenic, that causes less discomfort. Mineral makeup (see the previous post, if you want to get more info about that) could be an excellent expedient to solve this kind of little problems.

Now let’s see how to correctly apply mascara in order to get fabulous eyes!

  • Choose the right kind of mascara: with so many different types of mascara, it’s important to pick the one that suits each occasion best. I’d recommend lightening mascara for the day time and curling/thickening mascara for your nights out! By clicking on the following link you can easily get acquainted with the five best mascaras available in the market at the very moment: http://allwomenstalk.com/best-mascara/.

  • Pick your colour carefully: if you have red or blond eyelashes, choose light brown for a casual look and dark brown for night-time. If you have dark eyelashes, use dark brown or black in the day and more black for the night drama.

  • Curl your eyelashes: after you have applied all of your other eye makeup, then curl your eyelashes slightly. padded eyelash curlers are probably better than the metal ones, which unfortunately seem only to bend your eyelashes. one of the best eyelashes curlers available is definitely Shu Uemura by Sephora. It is officially the creme de la creme of curlers.  As for the price (19 $ – Sephora stores), it is a tad high, but this eyelash curler is perfect and it will last you years, so I’d consider it a very wise investment even at these dark times.

  • Be careful with pulling out the wand: pull out the wand in one motion, as pumping introduces air to the tube and this can lead to drying out. It can also allow bacteria to enter. Make sure both the wand and the edge of the tube are clean, too, or you won’t get a smooth application.
  • Apply to upper eyelashes: place the wand on the underside of your upper eyelashes. Slowly move it upwards towards the tip in zigzag motions. Use the wand at an angle to add more curl and definition, and be careful not to blink for a few seconds until it is dry.  Apply a second coat for more drama.
  • Apply to lower eyelashes: use a lot less mascara and start at the lower eyelid. Slowly pull down to colour the lower eyelashes.
  • Remove stray mascara: use a cotton bud to remove any mascara around the eye. You can re-curl and reapply if you think that this is necessary.

Now you’re ready for your busy day time or for your unforgettable night out as well!

Mineral Revolution

•April 23, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Mineral Makeup is not new. People have been using it for ages. Men and women alike have been painting their bodies with “earth colors” since ancient times. In more recent years, conventional methods have led to the development of not-so-natural cosmetics full of chemicals and unhealthy, often carcinogenic, ingredients. Mineral makeup gets back to basics, using naturally occurring, safe minerals, ground to a fine powder, as the makeup base.

A plethora of different companies have come out with their own line, namely Sephora, Jane Iredale, BareMinerals, SheerCover, PurMinerals, and many more. Each company has formulated its own bases, though all are very similar in basic composition. Prices, however, vary widely, and in many instances, price goes up with the name on the label.

Mineral makeup is virtually exploding the beauty market.

Why Mineral Makeup?

  • Will not clog pores
  • Virtually no allergy risk
  • Broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection
  • Anti-inflammatory, helps to calm and soothe irritated skin
  • Very water resistant, rarely a need to reapply
  • Provide complete coverage for skin conditions like acne, rosacea
    and redness following treatments like chemical peels and laser resurfacing
  • Minerals cannot support bacteria
  • Less expensive and all natural because its made with minerals

Basically mineral makeup has no contraindications. Everybody can use it.

April 22 is Earth Day and it’s never too early to treat yourself or a friend with a little gift that will both lift spirits and benefit the earth. You can give a look at http://www.aubreynicole.com/store/home.php, or visit http://www.truccominerale.it/ and http://www.everydayminerals.com/, if you want to keep yourself up to date.